03 – Célébration

Philippe George – Trombone
Jon Handelsman – Saxophone
David Lewis – Trompette
Odja Llorca – Chant
Benoit Lugué – Basse
Bertrand Noel – Batterie
Gerard Watkins  – Guitares Chant
Lucio Watkins – Chant
Vassia Zagar – Guitares

Emmanuel Galet – Prise de son – mix
Paroles et musique de Gerard Watkins

Working on a song
Set you back on course
Feed it through you veins
Rid you of remorse
So step out in the hall
With your thumbs your on your chest
Elbows in the air
Dressed up in your best
Celebration of a one way dance
Celebration of a one way dance
Trying to get involved
Hold a grip on what’s wrong
Get some riddle solved
Bury negative thoughts
Watch your kneecaps tremble
As u listen to my song
And the hours come piling in
The hours of sleeping yourself strong
By the way do you know whet the mean by peace
Celebration of a one way dance
Celebration of a one way dance
Alwas thought they’d get you in a trance
Thought you’d work on your home
Better Work on yourself instead
Pay few xtra dollars
U can even it do it in bed
Priest ain’t around no more
And yo grandma’s kinda dead
Cash can open up ears
but they end turning red
My song can work you wonders
No need to say a word
Get yo body ready
Dance like a paradise bird

Let me introduce you to your future where everything ain’t quite as it used to where everyone lies ready to die
while the government flies right by like a vulture where daily routine is a daily routine
new movie every week but I ain’t seen a new scene
all shit’s the same yet who’s to blame people would do anything to get the fame
one path
one step
one wiggle
one dance
one track
one tape
one rhythm
one sample
U wanna be a cool kid oh that simple
get yourself some Yeezies and a bif of Bape too
one mistake and ur the Ugly Duckling
there must be something wrong with this system
so if your pissed of against the nation
join us all in a celebration