13 – Koffi

Frank M Hinrichs – Basse
Bertrand Noel – Batterie
Matthis Pascaud – Guitares
Gerard Watkins – Guitares Chant

Koffi lives in the Congo
By a river that looks like a swamp
That’s where he buries his brother
Along with a five hundred note
Says take this with you my brother
You’ll need it where it is you go
Just give it straight to the man at the gate
If he asks questions just nod and
don’t ever say no again
His sister’s a half wit albino
Been raped for the very first time
It’s bad luck to rape an albino
Says her ma as she washes her down
Her skirt is torn at the shoulder
On her back is a scar like a cross
Ans as walks through the minefield
She swears she won’t ever play
won’t ever say no again
Koffi lives by his colours
Paints all this wonderfull art
Full of faces and bullets and flowers
And visons he tears apart
One of his visions a tower
Two hundred stories high
One day he’ll climb all the way to the top
Break a few windows
and swear he will say no again