07 – Only the night

David Lewis – Trompette
Benoit Lugué – Basse
Jon Handelsman – Saxophone
Philippe George – Trombone
Bertrand Noel – Batterie  
Matthis Pascaud – Guitares
Gerard Watkins  – Guitares Chant

Woke up on the 19th floor last night with no clothes on
Burning my wings over you
Number 9 gave our loving bodies a cold shower nothing we could do
I got nothing in common with U except being lost little girl
Take me by the head and blow it the rest will follow
Fight against sleepy death under the lampshades
They roll up they crawl up they blow up out of the blue
Only the night can keep us together
Only the night can hide is till dawn home
Only the night can fix all your faces
Cos’ only the night will hide us till dawn
Trying to count how many U’s there are Russian Doll
Must be ’round 16
The U’s you use are sharp & deadly user unfriendly
The U’s you hide are shrewd
Traded threads of knowledge for a hole in your twisted mind
Buried a hatchet below crawled up and died in your shrine
Living with wild beasts sharing the rent in your hive
The wild one the tame one the blue one the one that’s naked & blind