08 – Raging Rock

Odja Llorca- Chant
Gerard Watkins – Guitare chant

Took a walk down to employment lane
Careless and casual and colder than a letter from Cain
All i could do think to keep from going insane
What will be there loss will be my gain

The lady at the desk was a tumbling dice
The way she’d lean on her file made it all look so nice
Guy in front straight from men and mice
Drooled as he listenened to all this friendly advice

Never thought i’d make it through he day
So many suckers singing come what may
For something they can do nothing they can say
There are no raging rocks left anyway

Anything goes said the company wiz
I got mine don’t worry about his
Do what u want just don’t call it what it is
Keep you chin up go outo make us some biz

I signed up all their papers with a sense of relief
Sharpened my knike and cut me some beef
I ain’t got the guts to be a common thief
I’m a free and aging man going underneath

Eating chips on my couch with a twist of shame
A sparrow flew in my room and told me is name
Said his cousins were all dead and he was to blame
For sleeping on the job on the lookout for planes

Mr sparrow i feel sorry for you
But sleeping through this hell is all i can do
I swear my soul is safe and sound and true
Jus don’t know where it is and away this bird flew