09 – Did you forget

Philippe Georges – Trombone
Jon Handelsman – Saxophone
David Lewis – Trompette
Odja Llorca – Chant
Benoit Lugué – Basse
Bertrand Noel – Batterie
Gerard Watkins – Guitares Chant
Lucio Watkins – Chant
Vassia Zagar – Guitares

Did u forget to pass out in the hall paper coupon in your hand ?
Did u forget to blow an extra fuse disconnect with fatherland ?
Did u forget to forget about the berlin wall let it haunt a one night stand ?

Di u forget to lock up your front door
Did u forget u could be such a bore ?
Dis u forget such a thing as a whore
Did u forget the peasants fucked by the lord

Did u forget ? Did you forget ? Did u forget ? Did u forget ?

Did u forget to google yourself at 2 am to find a link with a karpathean goat ?
Did u forget to give up for good an essential need hope it wasn’t your winter coat
Did u forget to smile at the satellite see it up in ozone float ?

Did you forget to show the world u could crawl ?
Id u forget to stick your foot in the wall ?
Did u forget your sweetheart down at the mall ?
Did u forget the shorts that go with the ball ?

Did u forget to sympathize with a hostage for so much longer held in hell
Did u forget to rat on an alien resident sweating in a basement den ?
Did u forget to socialize your facebook pride with a descriptive pen ?

Did u forget to give half of it up
Did u forget to drink blood from a cup
Did u forget to wag your tail like a pup
Did u forget or not to shut the fuck up ?